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Now Partnered with FilterFetch!

partnering with FilterFetch allows us to be your #1 local and online resource for purchasing furnace filters. Call us to find out how it works and how easy it is.

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It's all about the IAQ

We will continually search for brands like Honeywell, Nu-Calgon and FilterFetch to share a space with because our indoor air quality (IAQ) goals are linked. We choose to install Nu-Calgon commercial and residential iWave air cleaner products because we've seen the improvements in IAQ first hand. Likewise, FilterFetch aims to eliminate the often forgotten chore of filter purchasing and replacement. Together, our synergies value simplicity, efficiency, reasonable cost, and above all else, customer satisfaction.     

Image by Josh Hild
Image by Volodymyr Hryshchenko

It's complicated

Don't worry! We understand that it can be overwhelming when attempting to select the appropriate filter for you and your furnace. There are literally 1,000s to choose from. You will not be on your own during the selection process. We provide a simple and easy-to-use interface that only requires an order code that we will provide for you. This code is specific to you and your particular needs of which will already have been determined by Your HVAC Guy.  

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